There are a number of vaccines that are recommended for babies and one of the most important ones your baby needs is the influenza vaccination, which is very safe for all babies that are six months and older.

The flu can be a very scary thing, especially for those who have weak or compromised immune systems like babies and children under the age of 5 to whom the flu would present a number of scary complications. When babies catch the flu, they are at risk of getting pneumonia at much higher rates than older children and may become dehydrated a lot more easily. They can also develop ear infections and sinus problems and, in some cases, the flu will lead to the worsening of very serious conditions like asthma and heart disease.

The flu shot can reduce these risks and is very important because it will ensure that your baby does not encounter health problems. Many parents worry about certain preservatives found in flu shots because they fear it is linked to other health conditions, but in reality, there is no link between this type of vaccine and health issues and study after study continues to prove this. Many paediatricians also offer mercury-free vaccines that are available, so you can discuss this with the doctor.

There are mild side effects that your child may experience after getting the flu shot, including soreness, aches, redness in the area of the shot and a low fever that will only last a couple of days. Other side effects, like an allergic reaction, wheezing or hives, are very rare and if you notice any symptoms that are worrisome, you should contact a doctor right away.

The reason the flu vaccine is given only to babies that are six months or older is that babies that are younger than that, have immune systems that are not yet strong enough for this shot. Once a baby reaches six months, it is recommended that they get the flu shot every season so that they don’t run into health complications or spread the illness to others. The flu season lasts right through the fall and winter seasons and planning ahead will ensure your baby has the shots with plenty of time for it to build effectiveness and protect the child against the illness.

While the flu shot is normally very effective, it’s important to remember that the success rate of this vaccine is not perfect, although it is pretty high. All well Pharmacy can help answer any questions you may have regarding the flu shot for your baby in more detail. If you’re in the Mississauga or Brampton areas and want a pharmacy that cares about your health, visit Allwell Pharmacy today!

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