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With our specialized equipment and qualified staff, we can compound various medications for you at a reasonable price. Before drug manufacturing became a major business, you would have to have your prescriptions compounded. Now, it is more challenging to obtain custom-prepared medicine. Providing a complete health solution with mass-produced pharmaceutical drugs is difficult. No two people experience the same ailment in the same way. Compound medication addresses these differences by providing a customized health solution designed to treat individual cases. Health Canada says that compounding medicines is legal and ethical as long as it is done by a licensed practitioner from a licensed pharmacy for a specific patient. The Ontario College of Pharmacists regulates it.

Why Compounding Prescription?

There are times when manufactured medications are not suitable or may not meet the specific need of patients. In such cases, the physician may prescribe a compounding prescription to meet the patient’s unique needs.

This service is especially beneficial for people who:

  • Have trouble responding to or taking commercially available medicine
  • Need an exact strength or dose of a medication
  • Have sensitivities or allergies to dyes and preservatives
  • React adversely to the taste of medicine
  • Have difficulty swallowing pills
  • Require a medicinal combination that is not commercially available


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    Why consider Allwell Pharmacy?


    Passion is what drives us. We wanted to create a compounding facility that would provide our customers with the BEST quality compounding medications and get the best results possible. We invested in providing our staff with quality training, acquiring high-end technologically advanced equipment and sourcing ingredients from the most reputable sources. The result is aesthetically appealing compounds providing exceptional results for our patients.

    Sourcing the Highest Quality Ingredients for Compounding:

    Quality of Input = Quality of Output

    Quality of Ingredient is one of the key determinants of quality of output. We source our ingredients from the most reputable sources like PCCA ( Professional Compounding Centres of America) and Medisca.

    Continuous Learning – Key to Staying Ahead of Curve

    Our Compounding Pharmacists and qualified staff are always staying ahead of the curve by participating in relevant compounding courses, getting practical training, and keeping abreast with the compounding area’s latest development.

    Invest in Technology – Next Generation Compounding Equipments

    We use the Next Generation Compounding Equipment like Unguator, Dermamill, High-end Laminar Flow Hood with a double HEPA filter, High Precision Balance and many other such types of equipment.

    This technologically advanced Next Generation equipment allows us to reduce the particle size to as small as 20 microns ( ¼ the size of one human hair), measure precise dose for critical drugs and hormones and ensure even distribution throughout the compound to ensure the same efficacy with every usage.

    What Are The Areas Of Our Specialization?

    With access to thousands of formulations, we will likely prepare any non-sterile compound prescription that you bring to us. Here are some of the areas we specialize in:

    • Pain creams
    • Dermatology
    • Pediatric doses with the flavour of your choice
    • Hormone Therapy
    • Hair Regrowth
    • Skincare

    Is this Pharmacy Reliable?

    The state of Art Compounding facility is created based on the guidelines provided by NAPRA ( National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities) and approved by OCP ( Ontario College of Pharmacy). Our Pharmacy meets all the criteria and guidelines set by NAPRA. You have the highest assurance about the quality of compounding that goes out for this pharmacy.

    Do People Trust This Pharmacy?

    With all these things going on for us, one thing is still missing. Do people trust this pharmacy? Are they as good as they claim to be? Do not take our word for it; check our 50+ google reviews giving us 5-star ratings. We have earned the trust of patients and would like you to give us an opportunity to serve you.

    What Can I Expect From Allwell Pharmacy – Compounding Centre?

    Our promise: We will always put your interest first. Provide you with the highest quality product at a fair price and would not be satisfied till you are.

    Please fill out the form or call us at 905.890.7775 and experience exceptional service.

    Do You Deliver Medication?

    Yes, we provide FREE delivery across  Canada via purolator with most deliveries reaching destination on next day and may take upto 5 days.

    I Want to Get Medication from Allwell Pharmacy. What is the Procedure?

    You can ask your doctor to fax prescription to 905.890.7776

    if you have the prescription with you, take a pic and WhatsApp to 647.643.7775 or email to  Provide your contact number and we will contact you shortly.

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