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Compression Stockings And Compression Socks

We have Sigvaris certified fitters who can take your measurements and recommend the most suitable compression stockings for your needs. People with varicose veins, tired and aching feet, and pregnant women benefit the most from this service.

While there are several compression stockings to pick from, we chose to specialize in Sigvaris products because of the wide variety they offer. They are physician-approved and proven to increase blood flow in your legs to help prevent swelling. Compression stockings can help you control pain associated with aching, tired legs, edema, and moderate to severe varicose veins. Sigvaris uses a unique sizing system that allows its stockings to be used by most people.

Pharmacist Bhavin Desai or pharmacy technician Nisha Bala Dev are both trained to help you select the right compression stockings to address your problems.

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