When sitting for a lengthy time, gravity tends to pull your blood down to your extremities, making it difficult for that blood to return back to your heart. A pair of compression socks can help fight back gravity’s pull to your bloodstream and make it easier for your blood to return back up to your heart from your feet and legs. It is an added support for your circulatory system.

Compression socks are made from a stretchy material that is designed to hug your ankles, feet legs and even thighs tightly. How much support they offer depends on the height of the sock you buy. Some people start using compression socks for medical reasons, but you do not need a prescription to buy them. You can just order them online or purchase them at a pharmacy. If you travel a lot, you should check if your health insurance covers prescription compression socks and ask your doctor for a prescription.

If you are feeling healthy and are not taking any medication that could trigger a blood clot, consider wearing compression socks when flying. Here are some other good reasons as well.

Warmer Feet

Public transportation can get cold. When your blood is not circulating well enough, your feet become noticeably colder from the lack of oxygen in your bloodstream. Compression socks help your blood return to your heart for more oxygen, keeping your feet and whole body warmer.

Less Swelling

Compression socks apply pressure that improves the flow of your lymph fluids that can be found in the cells of your legs. When lymph fluids are able to move freely, your tissues experience less welling.

Prevents Pooling Blood

When sitting for a long time, blood can pool in the veins of your legs and feet. Pooling blood can cause several issues such as swelling, fatigue, achiness and, in rare cases, a venous blood clot. Compression socks help mitigate these risks by squeezing leg tissues and the walls of your leg veins to promote the return of blood back to your heart.

Counter Blood Clots

In some cases, signs of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) can happen, which can result in a blood clot. These types of blood clot forms in the deep veins of your torso, legs or arms. The clots break off after they grow and travelling through your blood to your lungs, eventually causing a pulmonary embolism.

The risk of blood clots increases as you spend more time flying or sitting still in general, especially for trips that are longer than seven hours. Since these socks are tightest at your ankles and become less constrictive as they reach your thighs, your leg arteries receive enough pressure to maintain blood flow without clotting.

It is important to note that these benefits are for those who have never experienced clots before. To get correctly fitted for compression socks, visit Allwell Pharmacy. Our experienced staff will ensure you get the right pair for your body.