The older we get, the more changes we tend to experience, and one of the most common changes is the sudden weight gain despite eating well and exercising regularly. No matter how much effort we put into our diet and workout routine, it’s difficult to shed the pounds and when they finally do come off, it happens at a very slow pace.

As frustrating as it is, age plays a big role in this challenge because it results in a few reasons that will prevent you from remaining slim. As we age, our metabolism slows down, which, unfortunately, is a normal part of the ageing process. Your body will gradually use less energy to function, which results in a much lower breakdown of fat, ultimately leading you to keep the weight on as opposed to getting rid of it. Metabolism plays a big role in the weight loss process as do hormones, nutrient intake and genetics, to name a few. Age affects all of these factors, which will inevitably influence your weight, so even if you consume the exact same amount of calories as before or when you were younger, you will likely still experience weight gain.

Lipid turnover is another term associated with weight gain and age, which is a process where fats are removed and stored from cells at a slower rate. This turnover will affect a person’s ability to lose weight or maintain the weight loss results they achieve. Exercise will help you speed up lipid turnover in the fat tissue, and while it may not be able to prevent it from slowing down completely, it will provide you with a boost, so try to incorporate more exercise into your daily or weekly routine. Physical activity is very important for your general health and it will also help you achieve long-term success when it comes to weight loss and maintaining your ideal weight. It’s not always easy to do, but if you can increase the amount of physical activity you get, you will see a big improvement and have a higher chance of success.

The reality is that we cannot stop ourselves from getting older but you can take better care of yourself, which will help you achieve a healthy weight that you’ll be happy with. Being physically fit will allow for fat breakdown and slow down your weight gain, and Allwell Pharmacy can provide you with more information regarding this matter. If you’re looking for a compounding pharmacy in the Mississauga or Brampton areas, be sure to visit Allwell Pharmacy today!

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