Pharmaceutical compounding allows pharmacists to customize medications so that they meet the patient’s individual needs. It is the science of combining different ingredients in an exact dosage and strength to offer the patient a personalized solution based on their medical condition. Customized medication can help treat a number of different conditions and more patients benefit from pharmaceutical compounding as a result.

This science has allowed pharmacies to offer their customers different types of medical compounding for a variety of needs, including pain management and hormone replacement, for example. They use state-of-the-art labs to create unique medications and to modify dosages and delivery systems. They even have the ability to flavour medications for easier consumption. Compounding can provide options and this is a huge bonus because it can offer specialized treatments for you and your family members and even your pets.

Pharmaceutical compounding has been around for a long time and humans were experimenting with medical plants as early as 60,000 years ago. Healers gained knowledge and extracted elements of nature and combined them with suitable medications. In the early 20th century, mass-produced pharmaceuticals created by large-scale manufacturers became the norm and compounding specialists became a rarity, however, there is a growing demand for customized medications today. This is because mainstream drug manufacturing cannot always meet the unique requirements of every patient, whereas pharmaceutical compounding can.

Physicians are becoming more and more interested in customized drugs because not all patients experience results from commercially available drugs and many need medication that is specifically suited to their condition. Customized drugs are generally more tolerable, and in many cases, the exact preparation that is needed for the drug is not commercially available, so patients would have to wait or suffer without access to pharmaceutical compounding. Some patients may also require a drug that is in shortage or discontinued, so compounding can help with this aspect as well.

It’s important to remember that everyone is different and each person will react to the chemical compounds differently as a result. This can be because of their weight or age or other factors that are unique to each individual, all of which will affect a person’s reaction to a certain medication. Pharmaceutical compounding can be used for hormone replacement therapy, pain management, pediatric medications and veterinary medications as well. It can help anyone, regardless of their age or condition because it can treat a number of medical issues that commercially available drugs can’t. It can also change the way a medicine is administered or flavoured, so there are a number of benefits to this science.

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