A compounding pharmacy can help a number of people because not everyone reacts the same to medications and some people can be allergic to the ingredients found in prescriptions that are commercially manufactured.

If you are unfamiliar with a compounding pharmacy, you are not alone, and many people are unaware of the benefits it provides. A compounding pharmacy is a specialty pharmacy that can make drugs prescribed by doctors for patients who do not react well to commercially available medications. Not every patient can use such drugs, and in these cases, they will have to visit a compounding pharmacy as they can make the drugs using different ingredients. Patients with hypoallergenic sensitivities often require the use of a compounding pharmacy, as do patients who are very young and need only a small dosage of a specific medication. Licensed pharmacists prepare formulated drugs and create them correctly so that they are specialized to the patient’s specific needs.

There are several reasons why someone would need to get their medication from a compounding pharmacy, including the need for customized ingredients. These pharmacists can alter ingredients for patients who are glucose or lactose intolerant. Some commercial drugs contain dyes and many people are allergic to them and a compounding pharmacy can help in these situations as well. Another reason to consider this option is if you require a customized strength or dosage of a certain medicine. The pharmacists can decrease the dosage for children or increase it for older adults. The patients’ needs will be carefully considered and the pharmacist will prepare the drugs accordingly. They can also add flavour, which can help children and pets take their medication and can change the form of the medication altogether. If a patient has difficulty taking their medication in pill form, they can change it into liquid form to make things easier.

Compounding pharmacies will only issue medications obtained via a prescription from a medical doctor to ensure they are obtaining customized medications in a safe and reliable way. These medications are individualized for the patient and cannot be administered as a set or a predetermined dose like commercial medications. It is important to look into your insurance policy as some compounded medications may not be covered, so it is best to speak to your insurance provider regarding this aspect.

If you ever experience irritation when taking a medication, a compounding pharmacy can help eliminate this unpleasant step. They can provide you with alternatives so that you can take your medication with ease, and Allwell Pharmacy can provide you with more information. Our compounding pharmacy can provide you with a number of benefits and we also offer other items like compression stockings and socks. Come and visit us today and we will take care of all of your health concerns!