While compression socks can be the perfect solution for certain ailments, the elephant in the room should be addressed. This is the part people usually gloss over, since wearing compression socks can have a lot of benefits. You might be wondering why, if they’re so great, then why should any harm be caused by wearing compression socks? Like anything, if they are used or applied the wrong way, it can lead to negative side effects.

These side effects might include:

  • Skin infections
  • Skin diseases
  • Blood circulation disruption that can lead to a few different leg diseases

So how can you avoid these things?

Do Not Overwear Your Compression Socks

It is safe to say that one of the major side effects to wearing compression stockings can come from wearing them a little too much. Be sure that you do not wear them while you go to sleep, and do not prolong wearing them for an extended amount of time. It is recommended to take them off every two hours, even if just for a few minutes to allow your skin to breathe and avoid skin infections and disease.

Get The Right Pressure Level For Your Needs

It’s also important to get the right compression pressure level to suit your health conditions and needs. You can find plenty of resources online or speak with your healthcare professional to learn about what kind of compression pressure level you need to suit your condition.

Be Sure To Read The Sizing Chart And Pick The Right Size

If you are suffering from irritated legs and redness after wearing your compression stockings, you will first want to double check if you got the right size. Make sure that they are measured correctly to help prevent any loss of circulation from your legs.

Make Sure You Are Putting Them On The Right Way

Be sure that the method that you are using to put on and take off your compression stockings is the right way. You’re probably thinking how hard can it be to put on a pair of stockings? Well, compression stockings are a bit different from regular ones. There are different types that cater to different needs. If you choose wrong or don’t put them on properly, you risk creating blood clots instead of preventing them, which is probably the opposite of what you want to happen.

Be sure to read the product label carefully to avoid the risk of getting an allergic reaction.

If you are suffering from itchiness or mild infections every time you wear your compression socks, it might be because you are allergic to the type of material that it is made out of. Sometimes, you are just itchy, but be sure that your compression socks are clean so that you can avoid getting any skin infections. It is likely that you could be allergic to the material found in the compression stockings.