Inflammation is your body’s way of defending and protecting itself from threats against it, such as injury, illness and infection. The inflammatory response involves an increase in white blood cell production, immune cells and cytokines to combat the irritation to the body. Many cannot recognize the severity of inflammation until it evolves into a dangerous medical condition, because the warning signs are not distinct.

It’s imperative to protect yourself against evolving inflammation by understanding the hidden causes. Here’s Allwell Pharmacy’s guide to four hidden sources of inflammation to be aware of:

1. HPA Dysfunction (AKA Adrenal Burnout or Fatigue)

This condition is essentially the failure of adrenal glands in the body to produce one or more of the necessary hormones, sometimes resulting in disease. One of the hormones, cortisol, is a necessary function to fight against inflammation. HPA Dysfunction can result in chronic fatigue, joint pain, anxiety, weight gain and digestive issues. Adrenal burnout or fatigue can be diagnosed by a blood test from one of our physicians at Allwell Pharmacy. If you test positive for HPA Dysfunction, you likely have chronic inflammation and our doctor may prescribe a diet change and additional treatment.

2. Food Allergies and Intolerances

Food allergies do trigger the immune system and can cause a severe inflammatory response as a result. Symptoms of food allergies appear in the body much sooner than food intolerances and can result in migraines, “leaky stomach” and severe cough. As your immune system is unable to defend itself, it is vulnerable and leads to “leaky gut” which is the result of food that has not been broken down leaking into your circulatory system. Food intolerance is also the cause of the inflammatory disorder, and if the foods causing inflammation are not eliminated from the diet, your small intestine could become damaged.

3. Bacterial Infections

Intestinal pathogens can come in a variety of bacterial infections that irritate the body. Bacterial infections can range from foodborne illnesses to skin infections and other infections, such as yeast and urinary tract infections. For example, a yeast infection can cause inflammation of the vagina and the vulva itself which may not appear obvious to some. Other less obvious bacterial infections are foodborne, such as salmonella which symptoms may not appear as prominent at first. Eventually, fever, abdominal cramping and painful diarrhea can occur.

4. Depression

Depression and inflammation are closely related and studies have found that they can fuel each other. In fact, individuals with the inflammatory disease are more likely to show signs of depressive disorders. Several studies have also found inflammatory cytokines in depression, and exposure to inflammation can alter neurotransmitters causing depression.

Allwell Pharmacy in Brampton and Mississauga helps patients manage their inflammation pain with comprehensive services from our compounding pharmacy. It is our priority to provide you with the most effective solutions to help you live a healthier life. Request an appointment with us online today to get started on treating your body and mind!

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