Compression socks can help keep your legs from getting tired or achy and will ease swelling in your feet and ankles. They are very effective and can also help prevent and treat spider and varicose veins, but many people complain about the tightness aspect and feel that these socks are too uncomfortable to wear.

The reality is that if you were to make your compression socks tight, they can be intolerable, but this is something you can actually control because you don’t have to force yourself to make it too tight and can apply the right amount of pressure. While compression socks should not be painful, pressure must be felt but not to the point that you are uncomfortable.

These socks are specifically designed to help users feel pressure and tightness in their ankles where there is more compression, and this pressure should decrease as the socks move up your leg. Your socks should not be as tight towards your knee as it is at your ankle. If you find it challenging to get your compression socks on and off, this is very normal, so do not panic because your socks will feel tighter towards your ankle and foot area, and it can sometimes be difficult to get your compression hosiery on. Patience is a must, and you will need to make sure that there is gradual compression because if this aspect is missing, you will feel as though your compression socks are too tight and will remove them as a result.

You should never allow your compression socks to pinch, pull, and wrinkle or fold because this will indicate that they are too tight, and you will not enjoy your experience. You should never feel as though you are suffering and should not feel pain, so take your time putting on compression socks and not rush this process. Doing this task too quickly can stretch out or ruin your socks, and you will definitely feel uncomfortable. You can actually use helpful devices to help you get compression socks on and off, and some tools will make this process a lot easier.

The bottom line is this; if your compression socks are causing you pain, pinching parts of your skin, or causing skin discolouration or numbness, it means your socks are too tight. The same is true if you ever feel your skin tingling, so look out for these signs.

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